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De La Guardia Aviles

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Representing Your Best Interests in the Business world ...

    De La Guardia-Aviles is a multi-disciplined organization established by experienced management oriented entrepreneurship team. Their corporate experience includes the solution of a full range of administration and management problems. In addition to their permanent staff, they maintain regular professional liaison with specialists in all facets of technology.  They are actively engaged in serving investors, business owners, lending institutions, lawyers, real estate developer Realtors®, governmental agencies and You.


    De La Guardia-Aviles brings a wealth of experience with them; practitioners for over twenty years.  When you hire De La Guardia-Aviles, you get the benefit of their knowledge and judgment.  They are eager to share their experience with clients as well as YOU.

    To paraphrase Will Rogers, De La Guardia-Aviles know what they are doing, they love what they are doing and they believe in what they are doing."


Our Mission

    For years, their company slogan has been “De La Guardia-Aviles Does It Right The First Time”. And as you know, it’s true.  That’s the main reason for them to combine years of experience along with a staff prepared to operate with the most advance technology for your project.

    De La Guardia-Aviles will offer superior, personalized service, on an individual basis in order to develop a customer base. This customer base will not only consider them your personal business professional, but will have the confidence to refer him to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

    But, most important for them, is the number of satisfied clients - owners - they’ve been working with, at any time. So they’re beyond their business industry, they’re also in the lead-generation businesses.